Head to Toe: Uniform for Cool Weather

Are you playing soccer in cooler weather this winter? Here’s your head-to-toe guide for dressing smart:

Head covering: While you may feel like ditching extra layers later on, keeping your head covered is important to retaining heat. Use a comfy slide-on knit cap to avoid clunkiness on the field.

Neck: It’s probably a given, but avoid scarves or other fabrics that can unravel and get in the way of your game. If your neck is cold, bundle up with a pullover sweater or something you can easily adjust should temperatures warm up.

Chest: Cover up your jersey with a thermal long-sleeved shirt, sports jacket or hoodie—something that does the job while still allowing you to move freely.

Hands: Just like we wear hats to trap heat from escaping, the same rule applies for our hands. If you’re not goalkeeper, you can still benefit from gloves that will keep your hands from going numb… this will let you focus on your playing, not your freezing hands!

Legs: When it comes to keeping your legs warm, compression pants under a traditional soccer pants layer should do the trick. If you’re playing in more than a friendly pickup game, your league may have rules regarding what you can and can’t wear under your uniform. Ask beforehand and make sure your weather protection gear is okay by the rules.

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