Custom Soccer Jerseys Made Accessible

It shouldn’t have to be impossible to find a jersey that embodies your team’s spirit.

Since 1973, players around the world have used Lotto to design their team apparel. From logo to color to shape and text, it’s all in your hands—with Lotto’s convenient online customization tools, the perfect jersey is literally clicks away.

1. Choose a style. There are over 40 types to choose from—whether you’re a stripes person or a fan of solid colors, each jersey is made with 100% microfiber polyester fabric and moisture wicking materials.

2. Put together your color scheme. You can choose from 12 colors, or use the color customizer tool, to find the ideal combination for your jersey.

3. Design your jersey. Add text, a number, and your own logo for a home and away design.

4. Choose sizes and submit your design. After selecting at least 15 jerseys, in youth and adult sizes, you can submit your completed jersey. A staff member will contact you with an image of your design for your approval—afterwards, you’re on your way to having a completely customized jersey that will make you and your team stand out.

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