A Look at the USWNT

All eyes are on Vancouver, British Columbia this week—it’s where the US Women’s National Team just scored their first victory of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and where they hope to advance during the coming games. While the team’s 3-1 victory against Australia was an impressive one, the players’ work off the field is equally worth recognition.

Before the start of the Cup, the USWNT announced the start of a simple female empowerment campaign entitled #SheBelieves. The message behind the campaign is a simple one—one that says that young women and girls are capable of achieving their goals and should go after them with passion. Team captain Christie Rampone talked about why she and her fellow teammates wanted to produce the campaign; it was a way of giving back to and supporting the fans who had so eagerly supported them along the way.

The USWNT players kicked off their campaign in May with events and social media postings geared at empowering fans and young women around the world. From May 19th through the 24th, individual players hosted #SheBelieves community events in cities across the country to reach out to their followers. The events included activities like high school visits, trips to local clubs and children’s hospitals, and more—several players, like Lauren Holiday, even got to visit their alma mater as part of their outreach.

The campaign didn’t end with in person events—it carried over to social media, where fans and players alike got to interact and share their thoughts about the campaign’s self-empowerment message. Today, fans are still being encouraged to talk about their efforts toward being their best on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SheBelieves—no doubt the social media messages will continue as the team pushes on in the World Cup over the next few weeks!

USWNT players want to make one thing clear: they aren’t just pushing for young girls to become soccer stars—but they definitely do want them to achieve their goals! Whether that’s being a lawyer, writer, doctor, chef, famous performer or, of course, athlete, #SheBelieves is geared at helping young girls and women become the best versions of themselves they can be, whatever they want to be. As soccer fans and players ourselves, it’s always a great feeling to see our favorite sport being put to such a good use and common goal.

Wondering how you can help promote in the #SheBelieves message? Just keep on sharing your stories, thoughts and messages using the #SheBelieves hashtag on all of your social media. And, of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on the USWNT as they advance over the course of the Cup this summer. The last Cup win for the US happened in 1999, but as last Cup’s runners up, they are hopeful for a first place victory this time around—and if they can keep up the momentum they achieved in their first game, that may be turn out to be a reality! Stay updated with us as we follow the rest of the Cup.

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