What We’re Thankful For

As we head into the month of November, Thanksgiving (and what we’re all thankful for) is on many of our minds. In today’s blog, we’re listing just a few of the things we’re thankful to have as soccer players. Feel free to share your own with us in the comments!

A family on and off the field

As soccer players, we know that our team isn’t just a team—it’s a family. And that familial bond doesn’t end when we step off the playing field. Early morning practices, nighttime pickup games, and hours spent perfecting your team bond a group of people like nothing else can. The people you play soccer with share both your lows and your triumphs, and make you enjoy every moment.

Good (and bad) soccer weather

There’s nothing quite like cool weather and a clear sky on game day or during practice. Playing when the weather is so beautiful is one of the best parts of being a soccer player… but truthfully, when it comes to weather, we’ll take just about anything. Soccer players see the merit in every type of field condition—whether it’s a refreshing rain shower or hot, sunny sky—because we know that, no matter the weather, we’re lucky to be out on the field.

Productive days

Going to bed feeling like you had an accomplished, productive day is a rewarding experience for anyone; when you’re a soccer player putting in many hours a day to hone your skills, you get that experience quite often!

As a bonus, the time we spend playing soccer is productive in more ways than one. We not only get to have fun and fulfill our team commitment—we’re staying in shape and clearing our minds at the same time. Few activities in life are quite as versatile!

Fond memories

When you spend so much time on the field, with a specific group of people, you’re bound to make some long-lasting memories. Whether they’re about the first time you nailed a hard move, or when your team achieved a victory you’d been working hard toward, these memories are fun to make and look back on.

Our favorite teams

Soccer wouldn’t be soccer without the dedicated fan bases and hometown teams to root for. The face painting, cheering and match viewing parties make the sport something we can all take part in. Whether you’re a Real Madrid or Barcelona diehard, you can at least appreciate the other side’s zeal and love for the game—because you have it, too!

Sharing the sport

Finally, being involved in soccer (whether as players, spectators or both) allows us to share our passion with friends, family, and even our children. Watching a loved one learn to dribble or show their support for your local team allows you to re-experience what made you get into the sport in the first place, and gives you a chance to bond with others—often, even strangers—about your mutual devotion.

We’ve shared what we’re thankful for… now it’s your turn! Share your favorite parts of soccer, memories and other anecdotes in the comments.

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