Time Saving Tips for Soccer Players

If you’re a soccer player, you’re likely always on the go—jetting off from home to practice to games and everywhere in between. If you need new ways to improve your organization and get to places on time, we hope to help you with the tips below.


Pack your gear the night before

You already know that packing your gear and loading it into the car the night before can be a huge time saver—but actually doing this step every time isn’t always easy. To make this step a natural part of your nightly routine, integrate it into what you’re used to doing already. For example, carve out a time between your dinner and night shower to load up your bag and gather up any last-minute items you need to pack. You can either place it into your car or leave it near the front door, where you can’t miss it on your way out. This will eliminate those dreaded morning rushes and allow you to stay ahead of the game.


Keep extra items handy in your car

If you’ve wasted more than your fair share of time running back home or to the store to pick up a forgotten item, consider leaving extra sets of frequently used items (such as drinks, quick snacks, extra socks, etc.) in your car. If you or a member of your team forgets something, you’ll have a backup handy and won’t need to waste precious time retrieving a new one.


Avoid distractions

Distractions like TV, texts, phone calls, etc. can have a negative impact on your productivity—causing certain tasks to take much longer than they should. Beat distractions during activities like your daily workout by turning off your phone and focusing on the task at hand.

This of course varies if you’re someone who likes to listen to music when they exercise. Decide which method leads to the best performance and stick with it, avoiding unnecessary distractions along the way.


Lump tasks together when convenient

When it makes sense to do so, consider “lumping together” certain tasks so you can avoid spending more time on the road or downtime than you have to. For example, do your grocery shopping after practice, or bring work with you to stay busy between games or other events. This can allow you to make better use of your time throughout the day, so it’s a great habit to get into.


Set goals for yourself

One of the most important aspects of time management for soccer players is to set goals for yourself. These can be daily goals (such as completing a specific assignment by the end of the day) or more long term ones (mastering a tough move, improving your shots at goal, etc.). By doing this, you will be able to have a better idea of how you should be spending your time. You’ll constantly have something to work toward, which can help you to eliminate time spent doing less-than-productive activities.

We hope that you can use these tips to better your time management and get more out of every practice, game and team event you go to. 

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