Soccer and Halloween: 4 Fun Ideas

Make your own soccer costumes

There’s no need to splurge on a premade Halloween costume for you or your kids this year… make a soccer themed costume yourself! With some materials and a little creativity, you can be…

  • A real soccer player: You may already be one yourself, but Halloween gives you a chance to show your team spirit in costume. Wear your favorite team’s jersey with your own soccer gear (shin guards, socks, and cleats) for a fun, simple and easily recognizable costume.
  • Referee: You may be able to pick up a soccer ref shirt from your local soccer store, but you can just as easily make one yourself! Pair it with construction paper red and yellow “cards” for a completely put together look.
  • Devoted fan: For many soccer fans, this costume doesn’t require any “pretending” at all! Just bring out the face paint, jersey, foam finger and other devoted fan gear to show off your spirit and complete the costume.
  • Soccer ball: This is an especially great idea for young kids! There are actually soccer ball costumes on the market, but this is another idea you can easily replicate with some paint and Paper Mache.


Host an afternoon pickup game

Whether you do it at home or at your local park, hosting an afternoon pickup game can be a great way to get friends and family together before the night begins. Have your teammates bring their kids to give them a chance to have fun before trick or treating kicks off! For players who’ve been kicking the ball around in high temperatures, late October offers a cool relief from the heat—and because Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, you’ve got an entire afternoon to work with!


Participate in a Halloween tournament

Is your city hosting a Halloween soccer tournament? This is something worth finding out, as playing in such an event is a fun and unique way to spend the day. Even if you’re not playing in the tournament, you can always bring along family and friends to enjoy the game from the sidelines. Be sure to pack a blanket and extra hot cocoa!


Treat guests to soccer themed treats

If you’re throwing a Halloween get together this year, you can bet that your guests (both adults and children) will be looking for some sweet treats. If the bunch you’re entertaining is comprised mainly of soccer fans, why not pick up (or create) some soccer themed treats? These can be anything from soccer ball shaped cupcakes to regular candies stuffed in soccer themed goodie bags. No matter how you do it, you can guarantee that your guests will love the extra touch!


Do your plans for Halloween involve soccer? Share your ideas and plans with us in the comments!

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