Soccer Player Tips: Beat the Heat This Spring

Spring and summer temperatures may be stifling--but they're not enough to keep ardent soccer players from hitting the field anyway!

We can't control the weather, but we can enjoy a better, more comfortable experience with some simple planning. Take a look at today's blog for six ways to beat the heat in the months ahead.

Dress cool

The key to staying cool on the field is simple--it starts in your closet! Before heading out for the day, pick out a jersey in a lightweight, moisture-wicking material. Your jersey is made for this purpose exactly, and will keep you cool and covered with ease.

Take care of your hair

For any player with hair more than a few inches long, accessories can help keep it pulled back and out of the way during play or practice drills. Use hair ties to put your hair into a ponytail, if need be, or a hairband to move it away from your eyes. On especially hot days, a sweat band can help to absorb sweat and prevent it from rolling onto your face or getting in the way of your vision.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is essential--no matter the heat index--to a healthy body and success on the field. Of course, drinking plenty of water before and during your workout, practice or game comes with the added benefit of cooling you down when you need it the most!

Avoid astro-turf

Astro-turf is known for its tendency to heat up, especially on very sunny days. When you're trying to cool down, you may find it best to stick to real grass to avoid a hot surface and the potential of those all-too-familiar turf burns.

Carry a mist fan

What better way to stay cool than with your own personal mist fan? You'll be able to cool down at a moment's notice during water breaks--and enjoy extra refreshing action, a little more sophisticated than the tried-and-true practice of drenching yourself with the last of your water bottle!

Rethink your routine

Finally, as an easy way to avoid the midday heat, try rethinking your routine! You can play in the morning hours for a mild-weather, upbeat way to start your day--or, you can wrap up your day with one last session of play that's sure to make you feel content and well-rested. Both of these opportunities will help you stick to times of day where temperatures are at their lowest.

Rain, heat, cold, wind--devout players have tackled these elements and more. We hope that today's blog (and your favorite piece of gear) helps you enjoy your game, no matter the weather!

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