Soccer: A Family Sport

If you were raised in a “soccer family,” you know that the sport is about so much more than dribbles, passes and shots on goal—though those are certainly important! Soccer is a sport that can energize the family and bring everyone together, even those who aren’t playing on the field. In today’s blog, we will be looking at several ways to integrate soccer into everyday family time.


Team spirit

Soccer wouldn’t be the sport it is today without spirited fans cheering from the sidelines—so get the family together and help instill that supportive spirit in them, too! Young family members can help with anything from designing fun spectator posters to painting and creating team shirts for the whole family to wear. And of course, for those with an affinity for organization, planning out team snacks, drinks and other logistics is an easy and meaningful way to show support for the home team.


Game viewing fun

Even if no one in the family is currently playing soccer, everyone can still bond over the fun that viewing and supporting a professional team can bring. This can mean anything from watching the game at a local sports grill, or actually heading to the stadium—donning team colors—to watch the big match in person. Between games, you and your family can have fun keeping track of standings and team schedules. Watching and supporting a professional team is one of the simplest, most traditional ways to bond with others and rally together for a common goal.


Fun and games

There are plenty of fun activities for young family members to enjoy, even outside of the soccer season. Head to the park with family and friends in tow and play games like keep-away, soccer tag, dribbling relay races and even bowling, soccer style. Not only are these games great ways to stay active—they’re something special to enjoy for soccer players or fans of every skill level.


Soccer stories

Do you have a mental storybook full of tales from your experience in soccer? Share them with the family around a tasty dinner or summer campfire! These stories might elicit lots of laughs, “oohs” and “ahs” from your audience—but they’ll likely come with their share of lessons, too.


Family trips

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, soccer-themed trips are fantastic ways for you to bond with your family over a shared love for soccer. Head out for a round of beach soccer, visit a sports museum, or head to the park where you first learned to play—whatever it is, your trip will be something special.

We hope that these ideas bring you and your family plenty of fun and memories. While getting out and kicking the ball around is our favorite part of soccer, there’s a wide variety of ways for the whole family to get involved—so be sure to try a few out!

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