Resolving for a Successful 2017, On and Off the Field

While we soccer players may differ by country, skill set, and the team colors we wear, we have a few things in common—our love for the sport, and our desire to improve ourselves both on and off the field.

In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few of our favorite ways to make 2017 your best year yet. Take a look below!

Make soccer a family pastime

For many people, “make more time for family” is at the top of their resolution list—why not combine this meaningful resolution with your love of soccer? In 2017, try turning soccer into a family pastime if you have not already done so. Start out by treating everyone to an outing to a local game—whether it’s a nearby club game or simply a local match, it might be exactly what they need to start sharing in your love of the sport. You can also have a family day at the soccer field and just start kicking the ball around to see what kinds of fun antics ensue!

Shift your style

The turn into 2017 offers a chance for you to enjoy a change of pace. Try switching up your style—how you play, how you spectate, or even how you coach. While you may have found a way that works for you, it never hurts to try something new—for example, longtime youth coaches might benefit from practicing a new technique or practice drill, even if they’ve never done it before. Even if you don’t stick to this new style long term, the process of trying something new can help you see things in an all-new light—and that shift of perspective is something we can all use, both on and off the field!

Start with one new healthy habit a day

Many resolutions come to an untimely end because we try to tackle too much at one time—try to shift your entire diet and workout regimen on January 1st, for example, and it can get overwhelming very quickly. Instead, try working up to a healthy lifestyle with a small change every day. You can have one less sugary snack, increase your water intake, and push yourself to do just one more lap at the field. These small changes are sure to add up to a thoroughly changed lifestyle by the time you get around to making next year’s resolutions, and will help you on the soccer field and beyond.

Enjoy soccer on a new level

A great way to enrich your experience in 2017 is to enjoy soccer on a new level. If you love to play but don’t yet follow a team, try attending local games and get to know your nearest club to see how you fare as a fan. Similarly, if you’ve only ever played pickup games in your backyard, why not make 2017 the year you finally join a local recreational league? You’ll be glad you made the change, as you never quite know when one small step can change your life for the better.

Wake up earlier

This simple resolution can have a big impact on your life, both on and off the field. By waking up earlier and getting into a positive morning routine, you can avoid the hectic rush or risk of oversleeping on key practice or game days. With all those extra hours, you’ll be able to enjoy a nutritious, complete breakfast, drink more water, and get yourself mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Play somewhere new

Don’t get yourself stuck in a rut! This year, resolve to play somewhere new to enjoy soccer in a unique setting—the beach, for example, or a new field you’ve never been to. You’ll enjoy the experience while still making your daily activity a little less routine.

While you’re at it, why not play a new position? While you should, of course, primarily focus on practicing your position, it never hurts to see the field and the game from a new perspective. The next time you’re playing a quick game with friends, why not play keeper if you’re usually forward, or vice versa? You’ll get to understand the limitations of the position a little better, which can help you when it comes time to put your skills to the test.

Which of these resolutions do you plan to put into place in 2017? Let us know below, and have a very happy New Year!

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