Playing for a Cause

If you’re an avid soccer fan or player who wants to help make a difference while doing what you love, the options are virtually endless. Now more than ever, people are turning to the sports and teams they love to help them promote causes and do some good. In today’s blog, we will be looking at just a few of the easy, meaningful ways you can do your part to make a difference.

Charity matches

One of the best (and most fun!) ways to give back is to take part in a charity match. These types of events often use celebrities, professional players or simply eager participants—depending on the scale of the game—and can use public exposure and ticket sales to support a variety of causes. All the while, those who are playing and watching the game get a chance to enjoy the sport they love.

There are charity matches of all sorts for you to get involved in. You can attend an event like the UK’s Soccer Aid, a lively match that pits an English team against the “rest of the world” team. Players are celebrities and former professional players who come together and play for the UK UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) committee, which serves to help children and mothers living in developing countries.

While Soccer Aid is one of the biggest and most popular charity matches, it is by no means the only one! Similar events are held around the world every year—in fact, there may be smaller-scale charity matches you can participate in close to home! Look for information from your city sports programs to see how you can help, or even get involved in yourself. Helping a great cause can be something we all enjoy and can take part in, and that’s exactly what charity soccer matches and similar events hope to achieve.

Team gear

Decking out your team in gear that helps to raise awareness for a specific group or cause can be especially beneficial. You have probably already observed this trend in action while watching professional sports—many teams will don pink socks or uniforms in support of breast cancer awareness, for example, and others wear colors specific to causes of their own. 

Raising awareness or showing your support for a cause is especially easy when all you and your team need to do is slip into the same jersey, socks or warmup gear you’re already used to wearing! 

Of course, if we can help you find the gear or accessories you need to accomplish this, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have customizable colors and patterns that can be made to match virtually any cause or project.

Volunteer programs 

Another great way to support the causes you care about is through volunteer programs. Several programs exist that allow volunteers to help coach players with disabilities, for example. If you’re passionate about the game and want to share that passion with others, a volunteer program like this might be right for you.

We hope that this brief list can help you find new ways to support the causes you care about with soccer.


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