Our Guide to Successful Soccer Spectating

There are a million-and-one ways to improve your performance on the field—but what about your time as a spectator? Whether you’re watching a friend’s match, cheering on your child from the sidelines, or are sidelined due to an injury, you of course want to ensure that your spectating experience is as cool and comfortable as possible. Take a look at our favorite ways to do just that below!


Dress comfortably

Your day of successful soccer spectating starts at home, where you pick out what to wear as your game day best. In addition to picking out your team colors, be sure to dress in clothes that are comfortable and will stand up to the heat, sun, or whatever the weather for the day may be. The right clothes can transform your game day experience for the better, so put some thought into the cap, shirt, shorts and shoes you ultimately decide on.


Pack a blanket

When you’re cheering on your team, you want to create a comfy place to sit for 90 minutes or more. Pack a comfy outdoor blanket to throw over wet or dirty grass to achieve your own personal VIP viewing spot. If you prefer bleacher seating, you can use a blanket for added comfort or pick up a portable seat cushion for soft, instant seating whenever you need it.


Bring something to snack on

Even if you’re not on the field playing, you can still work up an appetite from the sidelines. Pack your favorite snacks and a cool beverage to enjoy while watching the game—and, if you have the room, slip in an extra water bottle or fruit treat for athletes who might need extra fuel!


Scope out your spot early

Getting to the game early ensures that you’ll find the perfect place to sit. Scope out your spot and settle in for the game ahead—and of course at halftime, you can always shift your spot to be closer to your player.


Cheer on your player

Of course, your soccer spectating experience wouldn’t be complete without several shows of support for your team or your favorite player. Draw up fun posters and voice your support throughout the game’s events. This is the most fun part of the experience for those on the sidelines, so have some fun with it and cheer away!

Your time off the field should be just as enjoyable as your time on it… so be sure to pack well and follow these tips for a spectating experience is an enjoyable one.

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