For Luck of the Game

If the approach of St. Patrick's Day has you thinking about luck, you're not alone! On the big day, people across the globe will don their green colors, shamrock leaves, and other "lucky" symbols in order to stack the odds in their favor.

We all would love a little extra luck in our lives--but does luck have any place on the soccer field?

Take a look at today's blog to see what leading players and members of the community have to say about their own luck, on game day and beyond.

A unifying token

Not sure what the pros think about luck on game day? While it's safe to say that many players have their own rituals and ideas about luck, sometimes it's a team effort. In 2014, as the US National Team was preparing to face Portugal at the World Cup, the entire team had a special good luck message ironed onto the inside of their jerseys--"The American will to win is stronger than any opponent in your way." It wasn't a flashy move--after all, it was a message to be felt, not seen, since it was on the inside of their jerseys--but one that they used to add sentiment and unity into their game.

One player's secret to success

Retired Argentinian player Diego Maradona--otherwise known as El Pibe de Oro, or Golden Boy, for his immense talent--has his own thoughts about luck. He remarked that "When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success."

While his words may be radical to those who swear by their lucky charms, routines, and other measures, they do serve as a sort of mantra. If you work hard, and practice enough, you'll see the results of that on the field.

A special kind of charm

Speaking of lucky charms, USWNT's Kelley O'Hara has a few of her own--although, she doesn't necessarily refer to them as "lucky." She often dons two necklaces, an apostrophe shape (for her last name) that's shared by other members of her family; and an inspiring quote necklace, "I will what I want" accompanied by the World Cup final date. She wears them before games to feel happy and inspired--so even though she may not call them "lucky," they're still sure to put her in the right headspace for big games and tough practices. What more could you want from a charm like that?

What about you--are you one to hope for a lucky break, or do you prefer to stick with the tried and true formula of hard work and preparation? Let us know below--and, whether you're lucky or more logical, be sure to have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

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