Custom Soccer Uniforms: Color Considerations

While designing your custom soccer uniform, you will be faced with a variety of questions—questions about materials, shapes, designs and more.

Some of the most important questions you will have to answer, however, are those concerning the color of your uniform. In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few key color considerations to keep in mind during the design process of your custom uniform.

Contrast and complements

Many of your decisions concerning color will revolve around how certain colors contrast from (or complement) one another. For example—bright blue and orange is a popular and attractive combination, while light green and yellow might not be as appealing (or readable) to the eye.
Of course, be sure to keep multiple color combinations in mind if you plan on designing more than one uniform (for away games, for example). Try out a variety of combinations as body and accent colors so that you know what works best and where.

Color psychology

The significance of a color is more than meets the eye—so be sure to pick colors that mean something. If you don’t already have a predetermined team color, you are free to explore a variety of options. Red, for example, typically embodies a bold and active team character, while blue might reflect a cool, relaxed team philosophy. The colors you pick don’t matter quite as much as the reasons you pick them for—so have fun and choose wisely!


You want to be sure that your color choices allow for your logo and team number to be read easily by teammates and spectators alike. This might mean playing with a few different color combinations (or even different shades of one color) before picking one that works both in terms of style and function.

Lasting power

If you plan to use these uniforms in future seasons, be sure to opt for a color combination you’ll be proud of now and several years from now. This is why classic color combinations are classics in the first place—they look good and people want to use them time and time again.
We hope that these ideas help you design a custom uniform that reflects your team’s spirit—and, of course, looks great at the same time! And as always, we are here and happy to help with any design questions you may have.

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