Arsenal F.C.: A Lotto Team’s Success

Are you keeping up with the English Premier League as much as we are? We want to take a look at a group of players we’re particularly proud of: Arsenal F.C.

To understand just how far Arsenal has come, it’s important that we take a look back at the team’s past performance. The Holloway, London team has not placed in the league’s top three since 2012… and hasn’t been able to take home the Championship title since 2004! But Arsenal’s record this season paints quite a different picture.

When we look at Arsenal’s performance this year, we have much reason to be hopeful for a change in the team’s trend. While Arsenal has won three out of its last six matches, what’s perhaps more telling is its performance at home, where the team has won its last nine matches, a record for the League! Since four out of Arsenal’s last six games to play this season are at home, we have every reason to believe the home-win trend will continue throughout the end of the season… and that’s good news for Arsenal’s hopeful fans!

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