8 Great Habits for Soccer Players

Aristotle famously said that excellence is not an act, but a habit—and for soccer players looking to improve their game, this idea could not hold more true. Some of the best ways to better your skills lie in small, repetitive habits you can practice every day. In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few of them.


Healthy eating

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of any successful soccer player’s daily routine. With the right foods, soccer players can boost their endurance and beat lethargy before practice and big games. Take some time every day to eat healthy—whether it’s by munching on tasty salads or incorporating more protein into your diet, making small changes can make all the difference come game day.


Lots of water

In addition to eating good foods, be sure to take in lots of water as well. Purchase yourself a nice refillable bottle if it means you’ll drink more water with it—whatever it takes to improve your intake! Water intake is just as important throughout the week as it is during practice and on game day, so get in the habit of drinking it throughout your day.


Building ball familiarity

Ball familiarity can help you improve your performance come game day, even if you’re not doing anything more than touching the ball with your feet. When you’re watching TV, reading or working, try keeping the ball at your feet and move it around. It might not seem like much now, but this small act can help you grow more comfortable in your handling of the ball.


20 minutes a day skill building

Even if you don’t have practice scheduled, you can still make time for simple skill building. Try devoting at least 20 minutes a day to the mastery of a new skill—whether it’s a specific trick or a basic maneuver—to ensure that you’re ready when it’s time to play.


Reading for inspiration

One of the best habits for soccer players might not have anything to do with soccer at all! In addition to physically preparing yourself for games and practices, take some time every day to read something inspirational—such as a book or even a few quotes a player you admire. Doing so will allow you to get into a positive headspace, which can help you clear your mind and prepare it for gameplay.


Quick exercises and smart choices

During your day, make an effort to perform small, quick exercises and make smart choices. Take the stairs, do a few pushups, park far away from the storefront—these are all ideas that can slowly but surely improve your overall physical fitness. Don’t overlook their effectiveness!


Punctuality practice

Even the world’s greatest soccer player would be doing his team a disservice by showing up late. To ensure that you’re always on time and ready to practice or play, exercise punctuality in everything you do—whether that’s showing up early to social engagements or doctor’s appointments. You will soon get in the good habit of arriving on time (if not early!), which can be a great benefit for yourself and your team.


Post-practice reflection

Finally, take some time after every practice or game to reflect on what you did right and what could still use some work. By offering yourself both praise and constructive criticism, you can achieve a better understanding of what you should prepare for the next event.

We hope that these ideas help you form the habits you need to succeed on the field. Let us know what your personal favorite habits are below!


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