7 Small Ways to Maximize Your Game

When it comes to improving your performance on the field, there is no shortage of ways to ensure you’re at your best. You put in long hours at practice, never miss a workout, and take measures to make sure that you’re as fit and healthy as possible. However, when it’s the night or morning before a big game, there are a few small, simple ways to maximize your game play. Below, we’re looking at just a few.


Drink plenty of water

Drinking water isn’t just a must for pre-game preparation—it’s a healthy habit that you should be practicing throughout the week! By staying hydrated regularly, especially the night before and morning of your game, you will be able to enjoy greater muscle movement, endurance, and much more.


Enjoy a good night’s sleep

The night before a big game—especially an early morning one—be sure to get a good night of sleep. This will provide the obvious benefit of alertness and agility on the field, as well as a perfect chance to reflect on your day and envision the game day ahead.


Eat a healthy breakfast

For optimal performance on the field, a light—but filling—breakfast of fruits, protein and whole grains can provide you with the fuel you need to fight on.


Pack a snack and any other extras you may need

Depending on how far you’re traveling and how long you’ll be at the field, you will want a few snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day. The night before your game, load your bag with fruits, trail mix and other easy treats that will provide you with a pick-me-up when you need it the most.


While it may seem like a small measure, having the right amount of sustenance when hunger strikes can be exactly what you need before or during a tough game.


Relax before the game

Finally, don’t forget the power of relaxation and decompression before a game. We all need time to unwind… even athletes with rigorous schedules. Once you’ve mastered your skill and prepared for the task ahead, the best thing you can do is clear your mind and relax before the main event.


Before every game, take some time and focus on the little details—they might be the most influential factors in producing a great game!

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