6 Soccer Bag Essentials

If you’re rolling out of bed to make it to your 7 a.m. field time, you likely aren’t putting much thought into what you toss into your soccer bag. But there are a few items no soccer player should leave the house without—and by taking a few minutes to pack them away the night before, you’ll be sure to have a great game or practice, no matter how early it may be!

First aid kit

All soccer players—no matter their age—can benefit from a small, trusty first aid kit to keep on hand… just in case! You can pick up a first aid kit from your local drug store or simply make one yourself by putting together the basics (bandages, gauze, wipes, etc.). Use a separate first aid kit for home and soccer so you won’t have to worry about putting it back in the bag after use. While bigger injuries will require more attention, a first aid kit is often enough to handle minor scrapes and can make your time on the field much more comfortable.

Water bottle

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated before and, of course, during the game. But it’s helpful to keep a water bottle in your bag as a backup as well! In addition to your cold water or sports drink, keep a water bottle in your bag in case you or a teammate ever forgets to hydrate.

The most convenient part about your backup bottle? It doesn’t even need to be full! You can easily keep an empty, lightweight bottle in your bag and fill it up with a hose or water fountain near the field.


Ideally your halftime snack would be healthy and refreshing, like a couple of orange slices or a quick fruit salad. But if you forget (or don’t have time to prepare) these snacks, always have a nonperishable backup ready just in case, like a tasty homemade trail mix or granola bar.

Shin guards and socks

Whether it’s you or a teammate, it can often seem like someone is constantly forgetting their gear. Don’t let that ruin your play time, though! Pack an extra pair of socks and shin guards so that you and your team can still play your best, no matter what.


Don’t let aches or pains keep you from playing your best. Having a small bottle of ibuprofen on hand can help you feel and play your best without being weighed down.

Hair supplies

It may seem like a small consideration, but bringing hair supplies can be a huge help for both male and female players. A handful of hair ties, clips, headbands and even a small comb if necessary can work to keep hair out of your face and keep your eyes on the game. No player should ever be uncomfortable on the field because of their hair!

Depending on the weather, players may also want to bring along a large plastic bag for wet cleats or disposable hand warmers to beat the cold.

What are your soccer bag essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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