6 New Year’s Resolutions for Soccer Players

Happy holidays! With New Year’s Day right around the corner, we thought we would share five of our favorite New Year’s resolutions—specifically geared toward soccer players—for a successful start to 2016.

Start a morning exercise routine

As a soccer player, you already know the importance of a regular exercise routine. Staying fit can help you to improve endurance and play better while out on the field. Now’s a great time to reflect on your current exercise routine and look for spots for improvement. Are you working out as often, or as long as you’d like to? Are there specific exercises you could be doing to improve your gameplay?

One of the best routines to get into this year is a morning exercise regimen. By tackling your workout in the morning—whether by jogging through the neighborhood or heading to the gym—you can energize yourself for the rest of the day while still accomplishing the workout you need.

Eat healthy

In every aspect of our lives, there’s always room for improvement—and that extends to our diets as well! Think about how you can eat healthier to stay fit and strong on and off the field.

Perfect a new move

Whether it’s a butterfly kick or drag-and-scissor, there’s likely an impressive foot trick you’ve been wanting to accomplish. Aim to do it in 2016! By establishing a goal for the New Year, you will be more likely to hold yourself to it and follow through.

Practice more

While staying fit is a huge factor in successful game play, actually getting out and practicing is just as vital. In 2016, commit to making more time for practice, whether it’s by meeting up with friends or simply playing in your backyard. The extra practice won’t just help you improve your game; it can provide a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life as well!

Enjoy the game

Have you been taking the game too seriously? If your commitment to success has made the game of soccer less fun, focus on simply kicking back and enjoying the game! We know you want to succeed on the field, but you can do that while still maintaining a positive outlook during the game. Let loose, and if things don’t go just right—don’t worry! There’s always the next game.

Improve team bonding and communication

If you play for a team, you’re probably constantly looking for newer, better ways to communicate and work together. And you’re not alone—every team struggles with communication from time to time! To improve your team’s communication and overall gameplay, work on group drills that will foster better skills for communication during the game. And of course, don’t look past the effectiveness of some off-the-field bonding! A team that spends time together off the field is often much better at communicating and working together on the field. In 2016, be sure to make time for team dinners, get togethers or other activities to help you bond as a team.

While building a successful soccer routine can be tough, we hope these ideas help you achieve success in 2016!

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