6 Activities for Offseason Fun

If your soccer season (or your child’s) is wrapping up for the summer, you may be looking for ways to keep that competitive edge and have fun during the months ahead. Fortunately, there are many activities that lend themselves to soccer lovers—they’re fun, active, and can give you the chance to maintain your momentum throughout the offseason. Below, take a look at our six favorite activities to try this offseason.



When it comes to staying fit and having fun throughout the offseason, few activities beat the benefits of swimming. Whether you’re at the beach, gym or your backyard pool, swimming allows you to work out a wide range of muscles in a cool, relaxing way. It’s a great way to stay limber during the offseason while still enjoying that break your body deserves!


Soccer switch-up

You can still enjoy the thrill of soccer without gearing up and heading to the field. Switch up your soccer routine by playing indoors, at the beach or somewhere else you’ve never played before.


Team activities

As we’ve mentioned in the past, team bonding isn’t just a fun way to spend a day—it can lead to a better, more cohesive team unit! That, of course, will make for great game day performance once the season returns. While team activities can be physical (such as fun pastimes like ultimate Frisbee), more mentally-focused ones can be just as beneficial. Enjoy a night of board games, for example, or take part in a fun and challenging “escape room” experience near you


Neighborhood jogs…

A jog around your neighborhood is easy to do before or after work—and it’s good for you, too! A neighborhood jog can serve as a key part of your daily exercise routine, all while giving you a chance to unwind and reflect.


…and nature hikes

Looking to take the scenic route? Hike through a local, state or national park for a one-of-a-kind way to stay fit and soak in beautiful local vistas. This is a fantastic way to get to know your surroundings and stay moving while you wait for next season to start.


Cooking education

While it may not be as physically active as the activities listed above, learning how to cook (or honing a few select skills) might be one of the most rewarding ways to pass the time this summer. Try out a new recipe with friends or sign up for a local cooking class. You’ll be able to learn key kitchen skills while creating dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious—which is exactly the type of food you need to be eating during your soccer season!


Which of these activities do you plan on trying this summer? Let us know! We hope that your summer is filled with fun and friendly competition, even if you can’t make it to the field.

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