5 Tips for Enjoying Soccer on the Beach

With the start of spring right around the corner—and the weather warming up to milder, more comfortable temperatures—now might be a great time to bring your soccer ball and crew to the beach for a lively afternoon of soccer. Playing on the beach can be a fantastic way to hone your skills in a fun, relaxed environment that challenges you in new ways.

Below, we are looking at five tips for enjoying your day of beach soccer to the fullest. 

Dress the part

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to playing beach soccer is, of course, what you’ll be wearing. Because the sand doesn’t offer a “grip” like traditional grass or turf surfaces do, you won’t need to wear cleats. Players will typically go barefoot and leave the shin guards and socks at home, to provide for a freer and more beach-friendly playing experience.

Don’t forget to bring something to cover up with! The weather near the coast can be cooler thanks to the water and wind, so bring your warmup jacket along to stay cozy during your gameplay.

Set up makeshift goals

While there are beach soccer leagues that make use of legitimate goalposts, you probably won’t need them for your impromptu beach game. Simply set up makeshift goals using materials like driftwood or mark off the goal “areas” yourself (between two trees, for example).

Focus on developing new skills and taking chances

Playing beach soccer is a great way to develop skills you might not think about while on the soccer field. Because beach soccer includes much less dribbling and places more focus on fast action, you can use this time to try new things and add boldness to your regular set of moves. While conditions on the sand may not replicate the conditions you’ll experience on the field, they can still help you develop skills and increase your comfort level with the ball—which is a very good thing!

Take breaks

As you may know from personal experience, running on the sand isn’t easy. Be sure to take plenty of breaks as needed to give your legs a rest! You can use your breaks to lounge in the sand, enjoy a quick bite or, if the weather is right, hop into the water.

Have fun

The most important tip to keep in mind while playing beach soccer is, of course, the most obvious. Have fun! While beach soccer is a fantastic way to hone your skills, it’s also a fun way to get friends or teammates together for a new kind of experience, so don’t feel the need to take the game too seriously.

We hope that today’s blog has inspired you to get on the beach and kick the ball around! Whether you go for practice or just a fun day with friends, beach soccer is one of the most enjoyable activities an avid player can take on.

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