5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Soccer Lovers

Soccer players love to show off their love of the game—and that passion doesn’t go away on the spookiest day of the year! In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at five easy Halloween costume ideas for sport players, spectators and fans of the game.

Your favorite player

For an easy soccer player uniform, you can wear what you wear on the field (and perhaps add a gold medal to your neck for a victorious edge!). Of course, if you want to pay homage to your favorite player, you can do that as well—all you’ll need is their jersey and, perhaps, a distinctive feature of theirs such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s famous hair bun!

An avid fan

To play an overly obsessed soccer fan, take what you wear on game day and make it even more outlandish. Paint your face in team colors, don a colorful wig, sport your jersey and tote around a foam finger or vuvuzela to complete the costume.


Looking to stay dry and comfy this Halloween? Head out dressed as a coach—you’ll only need a track suit, whistle, and, of course, a formidable game face to show off your best coach look.

Soccer ball

Why not go as the star of the show—the soccer ball itself! A fun idea for kids and adults, you can accomplish this costume by sewing together (and stuffing) two pieces of fabric with the black and white soccer ball shapes, then attaching it to both sides of the wearer. Of course, if you’re in a crunch, you can easily pick up this popular costume at your local Halloween shop!


Another quick costume, the referee, can be achieved with ease by slipping into a black-and-white striped or yellow jersey, then adding a whistle and black knee socks. To differentiate yourself from the other referees out there, walk around with a few red and yellow cards to show that you’re a referee who means business.

What’s your soccer-centric costume going to be this year? Be sure to let us know—and have a very happy Halloween!

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