3 Money-Saving Moves for Soccer Players

Whether you’re a dedicated soccer player or simply a devout plan, we know the sport can be expensive from time to time. If you’re looking for ways to offset the costs of playing or supporting your favorite team, you’re in luck—we’re looking at three helpful, money-saving strategies to make your passion a little more affordable.

Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time 

For soccer fans, players or parents who are always on the road, healthy food on-the-go can be expensive. You want to avoid eating fast food and chips on long car rides to and from the field, for instance, but you might end up paying more for fresher, healthier options that fuel your body.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can combat the high cost of healthy, on-the-go eating. One of the best options is, of course, to plan ahead. Prepare healthy meals at home by packing meat, veggies and other items into plastic containers you can bring along with you as a pregame fill-up or lunch on the road. You can also use small plastic bags to hold fruits or homemade trail mixes filled with favorites like nuts, raisins, pretzels and other tasty treats… whatever you want for a quick, easy snack that doesn’t break the bank!

Borrow and buy smart

If you’ve been playing soccer for a while, you know that soccer gear (from uniforms to cleats to good socks and shin guards) can be costly. However, you also know that cheaper, poorly-made gear can have a negative impact on your gameplay. Is there a happy medium that satisfies your need for a good game and your desire to save money?

Luckily, there is. You simply need to learn when to “splurge” and when to opt for more inexpensive options. This might mean investing in a great pair of cleats, for example, but choosing basic socks or reusing an old sports bag for toting your gear around.

By knowing what items to spend more on, you will be able to pick pieces that serve you well and last more than a season or two.


Getting to and from practices and games can lead to a high gas bill. Keep your fuel costs low by carpooling with other members of your (or your child’s) team, and consider setting up and schedule that lets everyone do their part. While this strategy may require a bit of planning and forethought, it can save you lots of money down the line, especially if you travel out of your way for games and practices.

We hope that these cost-saving tips can help you enjoy soccer just a little bit more in 2016. Share your own tips with us below!

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