10 Gifts for the Soccer Player in Your Life

Are you stumped when it comes to finding gifts for the soccer fanatic in your life? Don’t worry—the good news here is that soccer players will love just about anything that helps them get on the field and kick around!

Below, take a look at ten fun gift ideas for the soccer player in your life.

Keepsake shot

Who doesn’t want to document their greatest moments? If you’ve snapped a great shot of your loved one in action on the field, frame it or put it into a special keepsake (like a mug or canvas) so that they can remember it forever.


Mega fans and casual spectators alike will enjoy the chance to see their favorite team in action. Pick up a pair of tickets for an upcoming game so the two of you can enjoy the experience together!

Soccer bag

Fill up a standard gear bag with all the goodies a soccer player could ask for—headbands and hair ties for long-haired players, extra socks, dry snacks, and more. It’s a caring gesture that serves a practical purpose, too!

Off-the-field goodies

Not every gift has to relate directly to your player’s time on the field. Try gifts they will love for their off season or days off, like gift cards for their favorite pre-game meal or an activity tracker that will help them stay fit wherever they roam.

Team treasures

We all love wearing our team colors on our back, but there’s more to team gear than just jerseys! Try options like signed memorabilia (if you can get your hands on it), pennant flags, mugs, coasters… you name it, their favorite team probably has it.

A better bottle

Since hydration is so important for soccer players on and off the field, you can’t go wrong with a water bottle—a better bottle. There are modern varieties like the Hydroflask that can keep liquids cool and refreshing despite heat or long hours on the field.

That flashy pair of cleats

It seems like every player has their eye on a pair of cleats that are bright, flashy, and representative of their style on the field—but they just can’t bring themselves to buy such a bold set. If you’re in a situation to pick it up for them, you can count on this being a gift that “wows,” and continues to impress every time the recipient steps on the field.

A new ball

With work and other commitments taking up many players’ time off the field, it can be hard for them to carve out even an hour or two for doing what they love. By giving them the simple gift of a brand new ball, you might encourage them to get back on the field for a pickup game of soccer or a simple round of keep-away.

Personalized gear

Whether it’s a hat, pair of socks, or one-of-a-kind gear bag, anything personalized is sure to please a devout player.

A gift that can’t be bought

When you were little, you might have given friends and family “coupon gifts”—gifts good for hugs, chores, or visits to special destinations. You couldn’t buy these coupons in a store, but they were special all the same because they represented a chance to spend time with someone you love.

The final gift on our list mirrors this idea. Treat the soccer player in your life to a trip to their favorite park and a chance to get in some practice and quality one-on-one fun.

These are our best ideas—what are yours? Share your thoughts with us below, and have a very happy holiday season!

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